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Jinjiang Hongji Machinery Co., Ltd, which was established in 2001, lies in the technology and economic center in Jinjiang city. It is a high-tech enterprise majoring in producing of machines.
Since the establishment , we have accumulated abundant professional production technology and achieved greater success depending on good market reputation and stable product quality.

With the economic development, HONGJI faces the challenge of strong competition. We bring in advanced production lines and technology from home and abroad, and introduce many mechanical talents to join us . While enhances hardware equipment, our company keeps improving current products and developing new products to enhance the machines' performance and strengthen the machines' specialty, in order to meet the market demand on different textiles.
The basic materials of HONGJI machines adopt high-grade casting iron to avoid deformation of machine parts and to increase machine stability. All basic casting materials need go through aging process under long-term natural or artificial conditions.
HONGJI gear system is distinguishing to others. Comparing to others’ 2.0-2.5M gear, we insist on using 3.5M gear system. Bigger gear tooth allows machines to have much higher torsion, stability, and longer mechanical life. The gear with bigger module increases the processing difficulty. In order to maintain the precision of gear, it requires high stability of casting material and the high precision of production processing.
Most of HONGJI machine hearts use integrated molding process to improve the overall accuracy of the heart part, reduce the error caused by artificial replacement, and accelerate the processing efficiency.
HONGJI wire bearing system is much more unique and advance compare to others, which requires extreme processing accuracy and special installation process. Our wire bearing technology enhances machine running precision, reduces the noise and energy loss. Comparing with the same specification of other knitting machines, HONGJI machine has much longer machine life, saves 30-50% energy consumption and can run at much higher speed.
We have the most complete product series for textile machines including single/fleece/terry knitting machine, interlock/rib knitting machine, cutting loop original terry knitting machines, high loop terry knitting machines and full series of multi-function jacquard knitting machines. For the single and double jersey, we can produce machine up to 50 gauge and the finishing fabric is with perfect texture and minimum shadow. For super high speed single jersey machine, our machine can reach 50 rpm and constantly run in the customer factory. As a manufacturer adhering to its brand strategy, HONGJI adopts effective quality management system, advanced production processes and the modern management mechanism.
 HONGJI always sticks to the operation concept of "quality for survival, management for benefit, credit standing for development, technology as drive";
and the strategy of "High-quality product, proper price,perfect service", which credits HONGJI brand and makes the products' quality get better guaranteed, meanwhile it speeds up customers’ development capability and brings maximum economic benefits to customers.
Keep learning, keep surpassing and embracing new challenges.The spirit of contentiously improvement and innovation, which leads Hongji growing in the strong competitive market.

Since the establishment, HONGJI has introduced advanced production technologies from home and abroad, constantly improved, developed and innovated, and has been in line with the international market, constantly expanding its sales network.

HONGJI people adhere to the talent embodiment of "harmony, innovation, service and integrity". To take the lead in China and become an international brand will be the goal that HONGJI people adhere to.
HARMONY good communication in our group and good diffusion outside group
INNOVATION Encourage new thinking, create new products and transcend new boundaries
SERVICE respect customer,satisfy every customer
INTEGRITY Treat customer with sincerity and operate with trust




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